Why startups are rushing towards Silicon Valley?

It’s a fact! Silicon Valley is a startup hub. More than half of the startups from different countries will give a try in Silicon Valley only. There are many good reasons for startups to settle in Silicon Valley. Let’s check out the points below.


Eco System


Startup ecosystem
Startup ecosystem

A startup ecosystem is important for any company or business to survive in early stages. Silicon Valley is having a fine startup ecosystem. You will get everything there.

  • Resources are plenty.
  • ¬†Getting funds is easy for future startups.
  • ¬†Incubators and accelerators are waiting for you help you to get a start.


Experienced Mentors


Startup mentors
Startup mentors

Silicon Valley is well furnished with well-experienced mentors. Mentors play an important role in the success of startups. All successful startups will have a great mentor. You will get best and experienced mentors to guide you in right path.




Startup meetups
Startup meetups

Everywhere its meeting and talks on new topics and innovation. Meetups and events are regular schedule in Silicon Valley. Different organizations will conduct meetups for startups where best experienced founders and ceos will have some great tips and talks for the startups to develop in the future.


Funding in Silicon Valley


Startup funding
Startup funding

If your startup showing a stable growth and no worries to get funding for your startups. Investors are watching your growth. Silicon Valley is crowded with top investors in the world. If you play well, investors will reach you directly for funding.

Final verdict

The above all points are just a sign where Silicon Valley is always a best place in America to start your business. We all know top companies in the world like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Whatsapp and more are having success roots in Silicon Valley.

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  1. Silicon Valley has earn the reputation of the best place for start-ups. A lot of individuals have leveraged on the “assets” of Silicon.

    Thankfully, the assets of Eco-system, experienced mentors, Meetups, and funding have been highlighted in this post.

    I completely agree with the takes on this post. Rushing to Silicon Valley for the reason of accessing Eco-System benefits is welcoming!

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    Sunday – kingged.com contributor



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