Winners of Super Singer 5 Grand finale on Vijay TV

Super Singer 5 winners are out now. Anand is the title winner of Airtel Super Singer 5 finals. The top rated Tamil musical reality show – Airtel Super Singer 5 is coming closer to the grand finale. The top 5 contestants competing in the grand finale are Fareedha, Rajaganapathy, Anand Aravindakshan, Siyad and Lakshmi Pradeep. The Super Singer 5 Grand finale date and time will be held on 18th March 2016 (Friday). Check out the winners and more information about the grand finale here. All are excited to get the results of Super Singer 5. We provide you the complete winner’s list right after the show.

super singer 5 winner - Anand
winner of super singer 5 – Anand

Winner of Super Singer 5 is selected on the basis of final performances and public voting. Vijay TV is the official broadcaster of Super Singer 5. Viewers was able to watch the telecast of Grand Finale on Vijay TV. Viewers from different parts of the world can watch the show from your PC or laptop through Check out complete winners list of Airtel Super Singer 5 Grand Finale below.

Airtel Super Singer 5 2016 Grand Finale Winners/Results

Winner of Super Singer 5 – Anand

Runner up of Super Singer 5 – Faridha

Second Runner up/Third Place – Raja Ganapathy

Fourth Place: Lakshmi

Fifth Place: Siyad

Winners of Super Singer Junior 4 Grand Finale (Held on 20th February 2015)

Super Singer Junior 4 Grand Finale ended with some amazing performances from the final six contestant. Check out the full winners below.

Super singer junior 4 winner
Spoorthy – Super singer junior 4 winner

Super Singer Junior 4 winners

Winner of Super Singer Junior 4: Spoorthi

Runner up of Super Singer Junior 4: Jessica

Third Place: Haripriya

Prizes of Super Singer Junior 4 Grand Finale

First Prize: Rs 70 Lakh Worth Town House for Spoorthi

2nd Prize: 1 kg Gold for Jessica

3rd Prize: Rs 10 Lakh worth Car for HariPriya

26 thoughts on “Winners of Super Singer 5 Grand finale on Vijay TV”

  1. Obviously we all know Jessica was supposed to be the winner. Jessica has the support of every foreigner abroad. Even here in Canada, people who were not even tamil voted for her. And she even broke the history of vijay tv wild card record for most wildcard votes, so she obviously would have won the title. But vijay tv does not want a foreigner to win the title so they gave it to the contestant with the second most votes. This also happened with Pragathi, the girl from america. Vijay tv always does this. But congratulations to Jessica, we all know you are the actual winner and we are all extremely proud of how far you have come. Who cares if you didnt get the title, we foreigners abroad have a very special place for you in our hearts, especially the way you have performed today, absolutely spectacular!

  2. Spoorthi deserved the title. What a voice, what a singing, what a cunfidence and what a smile. Way to go. Without the first letter, it reads ‘poorthi’ meaning full and fulfilled! Née paadinathu ellame inbamayam!
    All the best for a brighter future.

  3. Spoorthi u are the best… no words to say u are really rock… ur body n age only small but ur voice heads of u … m from Malaysia m voting for u only i know vry well confirm tittle for u…. congrats baby all the best in ur future…

  4. All six finalist rocked!.. All are winners, but as people’s choice, spoorthi won, well deserved! The rest… have attained a solid ground to excel in the music industry.

    I am really suprised on the negative comments given by Indians commenters to fellow indian young and high acheivers.

    As a Malaysia, I was proud to watch the finals and the Results did turnout well.
    So people of Tamilnadu, give the young ones a break and encourage them with positive comments.

    Always an Indian at Heart!

  5. it was completly disappointment result. i expected hari priya will be the winner. she performed like a goast but vijay tv make all people fool.

    hari priya god is seeing all you are the winner.

  6. It is good that Chithra was NOT the judge in naming Finalist good it was under Public Voting system
    during the Final show she expressed that lot of people commented about her BIAsed JUDGEMENT FOR SOME cONTESTANS SHE HAS REALISED HER POSITIOON and wanter n bullet proof dres and helmet late realisation

    hope vijay tv does not give her another chance to be in the panel of judges for next episode


  7. acutal winner is haripriya as per talent and presentation etc. the public voting all bullshit. they are not voting on the basis of performance. I feel the following are the line up : first haripriya, second bharath and third srisha

  8. Selecting the winners by public poll is utterly illogical, as the public are not the exprts in music. You should have left it to the judges themselves.

    The oucome of your imprudence is evidenced by the relagation of SSJ 04 Bharath, who had the best of appreciation from the all judges.

    I feel very sorry for him. Make sure you don’t make the sam mistake next time.

  9. Contestants should be discouraged from singing patriotic songs in a competition to stir the voters emotions if you still consider the voting system worth including!!These two girls spoorthi and jessica did just that!!!True talents like Haripriya,Barath&Sreesha got side -tracked.The wise thing to do is to get the judges comments and honour the best ones 1)Haripriya 2)Barath 3)Sreesha.I hope this humble request will reach your hearts!People with good conscience will certainly appreciate this.


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