Top 5 Android smartphones below Rs 5000

Android smartphones are having huge demand all time. While splitting the smartphone users, it is required to find out low range, middle and high level android smartphones. My list will focus on low level Android Smartphones which is below Rs 5000. There are many companies which mainly focus on low budget smartphones with Android os. Let’s check out the list of top 5 Android smartphones below Rs 5000.

Top 5 Android smartphones below Rs 5000

Celkon A95

Celkon A95 features

While taking the list of low budget android smartphones, Celkon A95 is a best choice to buy. Its features are also amazing. Celkon A95 is a dual sim smartphone. The phone comes with Android Gingerbread v 2.3.5 OS. Camera looks great with 3.2 mp rear and a VGA front camera. 2G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro USB are all included in this phone.

Celkon A95 Price in India: Rs 4,999

lava iris 356

Lava iris 356 features and price

lava iris 356 is one of the best low budget phone priced at rs 4099. lava iris 356 uses Jelly bean Androis OS v4.2. Screen size of lava iris 356 is 3.5 inches with 1 ghz Dual core processor. lava iris 356 is having 1.3 mp primary camera and 0.3 front camera. Panorama, Geo-tagging, Smile and Face Detection, Flash Support, Fixed Focus is super features of this phone and makes it my best choice in low budget smartphones.

Lava Iris 356 price in India: Rs 4099

Micromax Bolt A61

Micromax Bolt A61 features and price

Micromax Bolt A61 is having cool features and functions which is almost similar to a high end smartphone. Micromax Bolt A61 is best to buy for Rs Rs 4,650. Micromax Bolt A61 comes with 4 inch Display along with 480×800 pixels resolution. 2 mp rear with flash and 0.3 mp front camera also makes it more special in the list. The phone uses Android v4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. No one can miss this amazing smartphone with low price.

Micromax Bolt A61 price: Rs 4,650

iBall andi 3.5r

iball-andi-3.5 price

iBall andi 3.5r is a low budget phone in price only but its feature are almost like a high budget phone. I will give 5 stars to its camera of 5 mp. iBall andi 3.5r is having Powerful 1Ghz Cortex A9 processor and includes 3g Video calling. The phone uses 2.3.6 Gingerbread Android OS. The phone comes with 3.5 inches display and a storage capacity of 32 gb. You can grab iBall Andi 3.5r (Black & Silver) for Rs 4,450.

iBall andi 3.5r price: Rs 4,450

Intex Cloud Y1

Intex Cloud Y1 price

Intex Cloud Y1 is another smart Smartphone and takes a place in the best low budges smartphones list. Intex Cloud Y1 is having 4 inch display and 1 ghz Dual core processor. Intex Cloud Y1 uses Latest Jelly bean 4.2 Android OS. Take pictures with 2 mp camera and a storage capacity of 32 gb expandable. Intex Cloud Y1 is priced at Rs 4,629.00.

Intex Cloud Y1 price: Rs 4,629

This list is purely based on my research and reviews from my friends and ratings of popular websites. If i missed any smartphones below Rs 5000 with more features in it, please comment below.

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  1. Cheap Android phones are available as many consumers wants them but aren’t ready to pay high prices. Of course the features will be limited but they can be used in everyday’s chore and for some fun too.

    I love Micromax as they somehow manages to give more than their competitors with keeping the price reasonable.

    There will be many phones out there within the defined range. I have heard MTS phones too. A nice- could be better list with more description.

    I found this on kingged (dot) com and I kingged it,

    Read on…Saving Money tips

  2. Nice article but country focused in-terms of currency. But i think you have done justice to the article, the phones are really cool to the low budget phones.

    Android is the hottest and most prefer mobile OS for everybody now. Hail Google

  3. Hello Sujith,

    Before I comment let me give you a little authority about me.

    I am a computer technician from the past 5 years and probably know most of the things I need to know about new Technologies.

    And as per my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying an Android smartphone which costs under Rs. 5000.

    To tell an industry secret. Manufacturers bring up low cost Android smartphones so that they could fill up all price segment. They just do not mean add quality. And since Android is a resource hogging OS. Hardware included inside a Rs. 5000 smartphone doesn’t do justice. A feature phone would do justice at this price. Like an Asha 501 or Asha 502

    I’ve seen all of these phones you’ve mentioned here (except the Celkon A96) and all of these phone, having good hardware on paper, performed very bad.

    If there’s one smartphone I might suggest buying in the worst condition is Micromax Bolt A61, except the buyer is ready to handle occasional hangs and automatic restarts.

    Anyways Sujith, have a great day! I hope you take the comment in the light it was meant to be.

  4. Being an Android lover, I must say, if you seriously want to enjoy the android OS, just buy a mobile with good configuration.

    Android is popular for gaming, productivity apps, and fast performance for web browsing. So, to enjoy these features, you should have good RAM size, fast processor in your android phone and a good battery backup too.

    And to get all these, you have to play a little more. In 5000, you can buy an android mobile. But to enjoy the platform, you have to invest at-least 10000 for your mobile.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing the good phones under 5K here on


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