Sony PS4 3.50 Musashi Update Features and Release date

ps4-hrdware-large18Sony has announced the latest PS4‘s 3.50 update code-named “Musashi”. The Playstaion 4 users will get the beta version of Musashi update from 2nd March 2016. The key feature of 3.50 Musashi update will be the remote play compatibility with the PC and Mac. The PS4 users can stream their games through near by PC or Mac. The remote play feature will not be available in the beta version of the update. Various new social features has also been included in the update. The release date of the original 3.50 update has not yet announced by Sony. Check out the Features and release date of the update below.

Features of Sony PlayStation 4/PS4 3.50 Musashi Update

  • Friend Online Notification

Online Friend Notification Feature will notify you whenever your friends comes online and sign in to the PlayStation network.

  • Appear Offline

This feature allows you to become offline in the PlayStation network. The feature can be enabled from the users profile or from the quick menu.

  • User Scheduled Event

User scheduled event helps to set a game event in the future to play with your friends or relatives.

  • Play Together

This feature allows other PS4 users to see which game a person is playing so that he or she can join the game and have fun.

  • Remote Play (PC/Mac)

The users will be able to play any PS4 game in their near by PC or Mac.

  • Dailymotion

PS4 Gamers can now stream their gameplay directly to the Dailymotion.

Release Date of PS4 3.50 Update

Beta Version – 2nd March 2016.

More details and the original 3.50 release date will be announced by Sony Later.

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