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The more ones explore the world of Hinduism the more will one be surprised. God of all Gods, Lord Shiva is at the top of all deities in Hinduism. In recent or contemporary Hinduism Lord Shiva is at the pivotal head of the belief and contemporary Hinduism.

Shiva, the Lord of all power who destroys all evil present in three worlds of Hinduism which is never excluded as Brahma and Vishnu. It is believed in Shaivism that Lord Shiva is the main protector, creator, and transformer of this universe.

Importance of Lord Shiva, the power of the universe

In Hinduism according to Shaktism, The Goddess like Parvathi is believed to e the supreme in power and Lord Shiva is considered with Brahma and Vishnu. Shaivism believes that highest form of Hinduism believes that Lord Shiva has not form and no limit and it is the primary soul of Universe.

In contemporary Hinduism Lord Shiva is portrayed as a yogi who lives in Mount Kailash and shares his life with Goddess Parvati with his children Ganesha, Karthikeya, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. He is regarded as the old form of Yogis. The art of meditation and Yoga is mainly derived from the lifestyle of Lord Shiva. Whenever he is angry he is believed to live with the demons.

Lord Shiva Images

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Photos of Lord Shiva

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Lord Shiva Wallpapers

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Iconic meaning of Lord Shiva

As per the iconic character of Lord Shiva, he resides in Mount Kailash, with a serpent around his throat, a crescent moon which is ornamenting him and largely the river Ganges source out from his tarnished hair. Lord Shiva is considered as a deity who is worshipped all over India with much respect, trust, and faith and is considered as the savior of the universe.

Shivratri – celebrated all around India and even abroad

Shivratri has celebrated all around India and all outside India among the Hindus in the Honour of Lord Shiva. The celebration and puja for Lord Shiva take place in late winter or in the month of Phalguna just on the initial days of the spring. The night before the real puja day all women and even men go for fasting and on the day of the Puja, they bath the Lord and then take some food. The devotees keep themselves awake the whole night with the help of different religious songs, dance and another form of culture in order to pay the honor to Lord Shiva.

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