FIFA World Cup 2018 India Schedule and Timings (IST)

The Football World Cup is one of the most exciting sports events in the world, and it is going to happen again in 2018. 32 best teams will play with each other to show their skills in the field to become the world champion. Even though the wait for India continues to qualify for FIFA World Cup; the craze for the same never lessens in the country too.

The first match of the biggest soccer carnival will be played between Russia and Saudi Arabia. This will be a Group A match and will be played at the Luzhiniki Stadium. On the opening game will be played on 14th June 2018 Thursday. This will be the only game that will be played on the first day, however, in the other days, there are 3 or four matches scheduled every day.

The biggest Soccer carnival will last for around a month. The final match will be played on July 15th, Sunday 2018. The two semi-finals will be played on July 10th, and 11th and the match for the third place will be played a day before the finals which are 14th July 2018.

All the last four matches will be played at Luzhniki in Moscow and Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg.

How to Watch FIFA 2018 in India?

Even as India didn’t qualify for the FIFA 2018, the craze for the game continues in India also. That is why; a lot of people are looking for the complete details on the match schedule as per IST and how to watch them. Here is the full detail of the same.

In India, you can catch the complete action of FIFA 2018 with Sony Ten1/HD, Sony Ten 2/HD channels. You can also live stream the matches with Sony Live App or with the FIFA YouTube channel. The live streaming of the match will begin 30 minutes before the match timing. If you are outside India, just follow complete guide to watching Football World Cup live streaming 2018 here.

What is the Match Schedule as Per IST?

The complete match details are available in many websites, but the timing is not given as per IST. Now you can check the details here: –

  • Details of the Group Stage Matches

Match No Date Time(IST) Team A Team B
1 14-Jun-18 08:30pm Russia Saudi Arabia
2 15-Jun-18 05:30pm Egypt Uruguay
3 15-Jun-18 08:30pm Morocco Iran
4 15-Jun-18 11:30pm Portugal Spain
5 16-Jun-18 03:30pm France Australia
6 16-Jun-18 09:30pm Argentina Iceland
7 16-Jun-18 06:30pm Peru Denmark
8 17-Jun-18 12:30am Croatia Nigeria
9 17-Jun-18 05:30pm Costa Rica Serbia
10 17-Jun-18 08:30pm Germany Mexico
11 17-Jun-18 11:30pm Brazil Switzerland
12 18-Jun-18 05:30pm Sweden South Korea
13 18-Jun-18 08:30pm Belgium Panama
14 18-Jun-18 11:30pm Tunisia England
15 19-Jun-18 05:30pm Colombia Japan
16 19-Jun-18 08:30pm Poland Senegal
17 19-Jun-18 11:30pm Russia Egypt
18 20-Jun-18 05:30pm Portugal Morocco
19 20-Jun-18 08:30pm Uruguay Saudi Arabia
20 20-Jun-18 11:30pm Iran Spain
21 21-Jun-18 05:30pm Denmark Australia
22 21-Jun-18 08:30pm France Peru
23 21-Jun-18 11:30pm Argentina Croatia
24 22-Jun-18 05:30pm Brazil Costa Rica
25 22-Jun-18 08:30pm Nigeria Iceland
26 22-Jun-18 11:30pm Serbia Switzerland
27 23-Jun-18 05:30pm Belgium Tunisia
28 23-Jun-18 08:30pm South Korea Mexico
29 23-Jun-18 11:30pm Germany Sweden
30 24-Jun-18 05:30pm England Panama
31 24-Jun-18 08:30pm Japan Senegal
32 24-Jun-18 11:30pm Poland Colombia
33 25-Jun-18 07:30pm Uruguay Russia
34 25-Jun-18 07:30pm Saudi Arabia Egypt
35 25-Jun-18 11:30pm Iran Portugal
36 25-Jun-18 11:30pm Spain Morocco
37 26-Jun-18 07:30pm Denmark France
38 26-Jun-18 07:30pm Australia Peru
39 26-Jun-18 11:30pm Nigeria Argentina
40 26-Jun-18 11:30pm Iceland Croatia
41 27-Jun-18 05:30pm Mexico Sweden
42 27-Jun-18 07:30pm South Korea Germany
43 27-Jun-18 11:30pm Serbia Brazil
44 27-Jun-18 11:30pm Switzerland Costa Rica
45 28-Jun-18 07:30pm Japan Poland
46 28-Jun-18 07:30pm Senegal Colombia
47 28-Jun-18 10:30pm Panama Tunisia
48 28-Jun-18 11:30pm England Belgium


  • Details of the Knock Out Matches

Match No Date Time(IST) Team A Team B
49 30-Jun-18 11:30pm Winner A Runner-up B
50 30-Jun-18 07:30pm Winner C Runner-up D
51 1-Jul-18 07:30pm Winner B Runner-up A
52 1-Jul-18 11:30pm Winner D Runner-up C
53 2-Jul-18 07:30pm Winner E Runner-up F
54 2-Jul-18 11:30pm Winner G Runner-up H
55 3-Jul-18 07:30pm Winner F Runner-up E
56 3-Jul-18 11:30pm Winner H Runner-up G
  • Details of the Quarter Final Matches
Match No Date Time(IST) Team A Team B
57 6-Jul-18 07:30 pm Winner 49 Winner 50
58 6-Jul-18 11:30 pm Winner 53 Winner 54
59 7-Jul-18 11:30 pm Winner 51 Winner 52
60 7-Jul-18 07:30 pm Winner 55 Winner 56
  • Details of the Semi Final Matches
Match No Date Time(IST) Team A
61 A-Teaml-18 11:30pm Winner 57 Winner 58
62 11-Jul-18 11:30pm Winner 59 Winner 60
  •  Details of the Play-Off
Match No Date Time(IST) Team A Team B
63 14-Jul-18 07:30pm Loser 61 Looser 62
  • Details of the Final Match
Match No Date Time(IST) Team A Team B
64 15-Jul-18 08:30pm Winner 61 Winner 62


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