What makes Whatsapp a huge success?

WahtsApp success

It’s not a Million dollar question, but it’s important to find an accurate answer for this which will be a great inspiration for youngsters and startups to make new innovations in technology. The latest reports say that, More than 300 million people were already using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a No 1 mobile messaging application in … Read more

Top 5 Android smartphones below Rs 5000

Android smartphones are having huge demand all time. While splitting the smartphone users, it is required to find out low range, middle and high level android smartphones. My list will focus on low level Android Smartphones which is below Rs 5000. There are many companies which mainly focus on low budget smartphones with Android os. … Read more

Why Nokia Lumia 1320 is overpriced at Rs 23,999?

Lumia 1320 is the latest edition in Nokia Lumia series. The features and design is just amazing and at the same time Lumia 1320 is just a fine and improved version of Lumia 625. From the reviews and reports, Lumia 1520 is not a luxurious phone comparing to latest smartphones, but still Lumia 1520 costs … Read more

Most anticipated Open World Games of 2014

Open World Games 2014 Open world games are always fun and exciting to play. These games give players the full freedom to explore around the city or world. Assassins creed, Tomb raider, Sleeping Dogs etc. were some of the popular open world games of 2013. Here are the most anticipated open world video games of … Read more

Best free bike games for android phones

Bike games

Bike games for Android phones Bike games are always fun and entertaining to play on all gaming platforms. The latest trend is Android smartphones. Bike games are getting huge demand for android platforms. Most of the game lovers are interested to play bike racing games with stunning graphics, different tracks, multiplayer options etc. Android platform … Read more

GTA V PC release date fixed on March 2014

GTA V PC release date details The most popular video game, Grant Theft Auto 5 is coming to PC on March 2014. The previous rumors say that release date of GTA 5 for PC is on First month of 2014. The pre-orders for GTA 5 for PC has already listed by Amazon France and gameholds … Read more