Are Women Better at Gambling?

If historical accounts were taken into perspective, it is evident that women have been excluded when it comes to a multitude of spheres, especially ones confining to sports, and as history suggests, gambling is one of those sports that have existed since time immemorial, and quite evidently, it was rather preposterous for women to be included in such ‘fancy’ sports, and even until quite recently, inclusion of women was only limited to the walls of entertainment events.

Even till date, in a world of ‘modernisation’, evidences have suggested how women were stereotyped in a way as shown by certain ‘reality TV’ events, wherein they were remarkably associated with attributes such as a dramatic nature—but not anymore. As Socrates rightly stated, “Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior”, and this ‘prophecy’ is becoming rather apparent judging by the statistical figures, wherein women have shown higher success rates as compared to their biological counterparts—one can also visit for more info in order to exercise the same statistical finding. In this regard, there are a plethora of reasons and factors as to why women have had a far better record when it comes to gambling and has managed to score jackpots more often than not.

The Stats Don’t Lie

An intensive study conducted by Deakin University in Australia suggested higher chances of women being victorious when it comes to betting and gambling-related games. A fairly large study sample was, wherein it was observed that middle-aged women in the bracket of 26-36 had abnormally high percentage of winning, as much as 125%, whereas their biological counterparts averaged a loss of just below 9%. For the uninitiated, this might appear to be a statistical fracture, but upon further introspection, it was observed that, albeit, in some cases the discrepancy was not as drastic, the ratio of victories was always on the higher side across all age groups for women;  and it was rather uneven for the males.

Here are a few reasons why women tend to show higher chances of winning when it comes to online games.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Despite the contrary belief that women are more predisposed to emotional turmoil than men when it comes to online betting, it is observed that women have superior cognitive control and are able to hold their emotions at bay, especially when it comes to matters of gambling. Unironically, men have shown to develop a toxic tendency to associate deeply with the bets they place—in other words, they tend to be more ‘emotional’ per se, whereas women tend to be emotionally aloof and ice-cold. This not only makes them take more pragmatic decisions when it comes to making close calls but also statistically helps them gain higher monetary benefits when it comes to online betting.

Know Your Limits

Apart from being rather emotionally attached when it comes to making bets, men have also shown toxicity when it comes to exceeding their means of expenditure, thereby rendering them vulnerable to greater monetary loss and financial instability. Women, on the other hand, have shown higher tendencies to stick to their fixed budgets, and have been rather cautious about limiting their financial means, thereby preventing them from spending an exorbitant amount of money. This seemed to be a rather ‘street smart’ way of ensuring that one does not exceed their budgets and enter into extravagant territory of the casinos.

There is Never Enough Time

Online games are renowned for their rapid decision-making and probability calculations—a conglomeration of complex mathematics required that are to be executed in a short time. Much like other contact sports, online games and casinos too are adrenaline-rich in their own ways—making quick decisions whose millisecond windows lead to major changes in the game, for better or worse, with a small window to transition them from rags to riches, or vice-versa. It is seen that time constraints tend to excite certain neurological centres in the brain, which in women allow them to take more rapid yet rational choices as opposed to men taking rash decisions under similar conditions. Time limitations thereby make women more vigilant about their choices, which more often than not, lead to better results, as the statistical numbers claim so.

Battle of the Sexes

Albeit a bit debatable on certain levels, it is a known fact that sex-specific traits tend to exist in society—men tend to have a greater dexterity when it comes to certain life challenges, whereas women tend to show greater prowess when it comes to some other life spheres. Games like online poker, blackjack, or even slot games have witnessed women more proficient purely because their choices were fuelled by instinct rather than rationale.

In Conclusion

Despite biological (and perhaps, cognitive) differences, it is rather inconclusive to state that one sex has a higher proficiency only by the nature of biology. The aforementioned attributes and issues are more of a statistical amalgamation rather than a man-v-woman battle royal. At the end of the day, it is quintessential to enjoy the game no matter how many victories or losses—as long as it does not mar one’s financial condition, or worse, emotional.

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